striaeIn life inclusive of all biotic organisms, we tend to age as we grow older, we become less flexible, develop hard skin, wrinkles, we become less agile and also sometimes develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are nuisance that nobody wants especially females as beauty is paramount to them.
It is a daunting challenge to eradicate them as more than half of women and a third of men of our population have stretch marks. Credit to science, diverse and effective methods have been formulated to eradicate stretch marks from your body.
One of the effective method to remove stretch marks is the use of the stretch mark cream from though it takes time and works differently on different people. But before you even acquire a stretch mark cream it Is prudent and vital that one knows how to conceal and hide the stretch marks.
Nonetheless, the removal of stretch marks is dependent on a couple of things such as the intensity of the stretch marks and your age. The older you’re and more penetrative the stretch marks have become makes it harder to eradicate them. So it’s advisable that once you notice stretch marks at any point of your life you treat them immediately.
For the removal of stretch marks first apply the stretch mark cream to the affected area. Apply gently and smoothly on the indented area. The stretch mark cream reflects light away from the indented area making it less visible.
The fantastic thing about is that it just takes a matter of weeks for the cream to remove the stretch marks but in the meantime at the beach or in the swimming pool you will have to stop wearing that lovely and sexy bikini you have.

How to lessen stomach stretch marks

Ladies we all love to brag how we have a flat tummy but what if you have stretch marks on your wonderful flat tummy? You can’t brag about your flat tummy without revealing your stretch marks. Stretch marks mostly affect the stomach and legs. This makes most people change their wardrobes in order to conceal the stretch marks.
They decide not to wear shorts or bikinis. You start to change to having more T-shirts, blouses and shirts in your wardrobe thereby limiting your fashion sense. If you don’t have a flat tummy, then you will need to first tone your stomach or lose some few pounds.
Toning reduces the layers of fat thereby establishing a noticeable muscle shape. This is particularly effective as it obscures and reduces the gap between the stretch marks. Exercising is particularly effective as it increases blood flow into the affected area speeding up the healing of the stretch marks. Always use a stretch mark concealer that has visible results and doesn’t damage your clothes.

Obscure the daunting leg stretch marks

The hard and frustrating thing about stretch marks on anyone’s leg is that the stretch marks can be at the back of your leg especially your thigh hence being hard for you to even see them or even apply the stretch mark cream. But it is vital you find a way to see them by either using a mirror or someone close to you can tell you where to apply the stretch mark cream.